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The World Demands Greener Answers

At Carolina First Mate®, the Solutions Come Naturally…

Green Downstream®, the maker of Carolina First Mate® products, serves a growing list of worldwide customers, and is fast becoming a leader in biological and microbial products. Now more than ever, eco-friendly products and services are in demand.

The family of Green Downstream® products rises to this challenge. Our products are made with mother-nature in mind.  Our chemists and technicians are unsurpassed at meeting the challenges of the growing demands our world faces everyday.

About Us
About Us

From Our Founders

“At the time I didn’t think much about it. Thirty years ago no one was using terms such as all natural, healthy, green or eco-friendly. Eventually, I began to understand Benny’s concerns and realized he was right. What we put in and on our bodies, as well as into the environment, affects our health and our Earth.

Benny knew he could formulate products that didn’t rely on harmful, toxic chemicals. These products could be healthier for us and for our environment. So together we started Green Downstream® — a company that puts the focus on safe, natural, responsible alternatives.

Today this mission is reflected in a variety of clean-label products that are formulated to make a great impression on our world’s health and well-being.”

Yours in health and happiness,
Benny + Amie Maresca

Green Downstream® Our Gaia Saving Philosophy

When it comes to Earth Healing Technology + Products, Clients Give Us the Green Light.

Green Downstream® is a leader in earth-healing technologies. We provide total turnkey solutions of proven methods to solve any customer’s most complex issue.

Putting You in the Green – While Keeping You In the Black

From the molecular level up, our chemists custom create solutions using the latest biochemical applications resulting in a greener approach to even the most complex production processes.

Designing, Creating, and Manufacturing Almost Every Microbial / Green Product Imaginable

From our state-of-the-art lab facilities, our dedicated and highly trained chemists are on-hand to interact with your business. In many cases, we serve as a research and technical support arm offering intuitiveness, flexibility and a proven track record in all-natural biotechnology.