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Carolina First Mate Boat Life Bucket

Proudly Supporting 

South Carolina Youth
Shooting Foundation

Teaching Youth Firearm Safety through the
Sport of Clay Target Shooting.

South Carolina Memorial Reef

A Sustainable Resting Place that
Creates Life After Life.

South Carolina Governor’s Cup Billfishing Tournament

Encouraging the Conservation of
Our Coastal Resources.

Additional Product Lines 

Green Downstream®

Microbial + enzymatic cleaners specifically formulated with biotechnology that puts Earth first.

Incognito Mosquito®
Insect Repellent

Our natural blend of essential oils prevents attacks from mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, red bugs, spiders, lice and more.

Sting B-Gone®
Soothing Sting Relief

Our soothing spray naturally comforts bites from stinging insects and jellyfish and is safe for small children.